Justice League Dark Apokolips War 4K 2020

Justice League Dark Apokolips War 4K 2020

Justice League Dark Apokolips War 4K 202 …

Justice League Dark Apokolips War 4K 202 …

Animation 4K /

Producer:- Matt Peters, Christina Sotta

Cast:-Roger Cross, Rosario Dawson, Christopher Gorham, Camilla Luddington, Shemar Moore, Jerry O'Connell, Jason O'Mara, Matt Ryan, Sachie Alessio, Stuart Allan, Ray Chase, John DiMaggio, Taissa Farmiga, Liam McIntyre, Tony Todd.

IMDB 7.9
File Size 33.24 GB

Film description

Following the decimation of Earth at the hands of Darkseid, the remaining superheroes are forced to regroup and take the war to Darkseid himself if they have any chance of saving the planet once and for all.

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Without lengthy preludes, here and now I want to invite you, along with me and the master of dark arts, John Konstantinov, to the world of a bloody meat grinder, in which almost all the DC heroes were killed in the version of the Dark League of Justice: Apocalypse (English) Justice League Dark: Apokolips War »)

The Dark Justice League: The Apocalypse War is 39 wonderful animated film and the final in the line of Original Animated Films of the DC universe, released May 5, 2020, is a direct continuation of the 2017 Dark Justice League and Justice League: War 2014 tapes. . And the main role is played by my beloved and incomparable John Constantine performed by Matt Ryan.

The plot tells us about the Darkseid invasion of the Earth, which, due to the stupid scout in the person of Superman, was successful. The Justice League and the Young Titans were destroyed, many of their members were eaten and torn to pieces, and not many either became Darkseid slaves, or how Konstantin managed to escape from the battlefield. And for 2 whole years, killed by the loss of Zatana, John, together with the demon Edrigan, hang around the pubs and get drunk on any alcohol they can find.

However, on one of such beautiful days, our duet is found by a former Superman in company with Raven, who need John’s help in finding one of the surviving heroes to save the remnants of humanity. And thus, these two dragged Konstantin into yet another adventure to save the world, though this time John will have to tear everything down, to whom, I quote him, “They’re not even allowed to die”

The tape is gorgeous and perfectly conveys the essence of its spiritual successor, “Dark Justice League” of 2017: the dark strict drawing adopted from it, the elaborated characters of the characters, as well as the stunning background music created by Frederick Wiedmann and the elaborated script by Ernie Altbacker and Mayrgid Scott embodied the beautiful franchise ending .

And the cherry on the cake is Konstantin’s setting: a bloody meat grinder and a demonstration of the deaths of everyone from adults to children, combined with the signature black humor inherent in both Konstantin and his entourage as a whole. Also in the cartoon he will tell about another former passion of John Constantine, who is one member of the Suicide Squad.

At the same time, the film also has a beautiful and loving line of several other couples at once, including Demian Wayne and Raven, whose relationship is an excellent example for modern youth.

I enjoyed watching the tape, savoring every scene. Again, I can not again note the excellent voice acting from Matt Ryan, who is currently the official film carrier of the image of John Constantine today. ?

Recall that before Ryan, Kino Reeves himself was the cinematic of Konstantin, who played the first version of John in the 2005 film. ?

The Dark Justice League: Apocalypse War I recommend for viewing to people of all ages?

Info Blu-ray
Codec: HEVC / H.265
Resolution: Upscaled 4K (2160p)
Aspect ratio: 1.78:1
Original aspect ratio: 1.78:1

English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)
French: Dolby Digital 5.1 (640 kbps)
Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1 (640 kbps)

English SDH, French, Spanish

File size :- 33.24 GB

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