Hook 4K 1991 Ultra HD 2160p

Hook 4K 1991 Ultra HD 2160p

Hook 4K 1991 Ultra HD 2160p

Hook 4K 1991 Ultra HD 2160p

Comedy 4K /

Producer:- Steven Spielberg

Cast:-Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams, Julia Roberts, Bob Hoskins, Maggie Smith, Caroline Goodall, Charlie Korsmo, Amber Scott, Laurel Cronin, Phil Collins, Arthur Malet, Isaiah Robinson, Jasen Fisher, Dante Basco, Raushan Hammond...

IMDB 6.7
File Size 75,69 GB

Film description

True 4k video movie of Hook 1991. Story: Peter Pan became an adult and ceased to be Peter Pan. Now he is forty years old, he has a different name, family and serious work. Not a trace remains of the wonderful child who once knew how to fly … But the old enemies did not forget the boy. Excellent 4k movie, with True HD for download.
The captain with a sharp steel hook instead of a hand again challenges his opponent by kidnapping his children. Peter goes after him to the magical country, but to win there, where mermaids, fairies and one-armed pirates live, he will have to learn to fly again.

4k movie reviews
Hook 4K is a movie of my childhood. How nice to download it now, and see in 4K Ultra HD. This is my childhood, which does not end, thanks in large part to him.

Many foreign children grew up on the story of Peter Pan, a boy who did not want to be an adult, about his adventures in the Magic Country, about fights with pirates and Captain Hook.

Personally, I found out about him at 10, when a VCR and a cassette with a picture of Steven Spielberg Captain Hook appeared in the house.

This film tells how Peter Pan matured, married, became the father of two children and completely forgot about who he is. He is afraid of flying, he does not like surprises, he constantly discusses matters on the phone, he does not have time to come and see how his son plays baseball. He, of course, does not believe in fairies and miracles, he has no idea about who Hook is.

But chance makes him turn back into his past.

The family comes to visit Grandma Wendy (the very Wendy, who herself once visited the Magic Country), Peter’s children are kidnapped, leaving a note from Kruk.

To get them back, Peter Pan needs to remember. Recall who he is, who he was, where he came from, what he felt. He needs to remember himself, the present.

This is a wonderful film, because it speaks of eternal things, which, unfortunately, are so often forgotten. Life is an adventure. Each of us must have our own happy thoughts so that we can fly. we must have dreams, and love and hope must always live in our hearts.

Even if you are older – it does not mean that you need to leave childhood in the past. You need to be able to smile and believe in fairies.

Formerly this film was a beautiful fairy tale for me, now I look at it differently. he does not let me forget the main thing.

File size :- 75,69 GB

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